• Literally over the river and through the woods.
  • Aw yiss, chissnuss.
  • Lettuce turnip the beets. LOL.
  • I'm sorry, could you be more Pacific?
  • Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a Mandy. And a John.
  • We didn't choose the Farm Life, the Farm Life chose us.
  • Deepest Lake in the US. Also, turns out, not made by a meteor.
  • We went to two National Parks with a real nice Norwegian.


Life on the Farm

Our last farm was unplanned, and it turned out to be beyond what we could have expected.  We had seen much of Oregon, but we decided to... Read More »

Harvest Time

The best part about the time of year that we embarked on this adventure was that we found ourselves enjoying the glory of the best time of year. Harvest... Read More »

Kubb Set Builders

With the rainy days beginning to take over, we were forced to find indoor activities and projects to keep busy with.  We decided to make a few Kubb sets. With Washington... Read More »

Goat Hike

After leaving the Chestnut farm, we were faced with the decision to go home, or find a new place to stay.  We were kindly taken in by some friends... Read More »

Cascadia Chestnuts

Our third farm landed us just outside Portland, OR, at a chestnut farm. Andee and Chris, our most kind and enjoyable hosts, had chestnut trees, apple trees, pear trees, chickens and... Read More »

Corn Maze

The farm we had lined up after Wingspan was a Chestnut farm on the northwest edge of the city of Portland.  We worked there for two weeks (blog post... Read More »

Wingspan Family Farms

After our time in south Oregon, we drove north to the Willamette valley.  We stayed on a farm near McMinnville. It was an earlier wake-up hour than what we had... Read More »

Illahe Winery

After many days of hard work, we decided it was time for some well deserved treats.  Wine. Horses. Beer. Games. John had an in at a horse-powered winery he... Read More »

Wildlife Safari

Holy crap, we totally for got about this one. How could we? One morning on the Noonkester Farm, Sam offered to take us to a zoo if we helped... Read More »

The Coast

Two out of three of our party had never seen the Pacific Ocean in person, so we set out westward with Allison in tow to be obnoxious,... Read More »

Silver Falls

After working for a week at our new home, Wingspan Farms (huge post forthcoming), we had a day and a half off.  So we took to the car, took... Read More »

Peach Preserves

Sam and Terry are both experienced canners, so we were thrilled to work with them in their yearly peach canning. We drove to Brosi Sugartree Orchard to pick our... Read More »

Plum Trail & Secret Creek

Sometimes after farm work we found ourselves restless. So on this particular day we explored the Noonkester property. Just behind the farm is a trail. On the trail we found... Read More »

Noonkester Farm & Ranch

Sam and Terry Noonkester are of a disappearing breed of Wilderness Renaissance People. They ranch, they farm, they preserve, they cook, they hunt, they work wood, and they weld... Read More »

Crater Lake

It was on this day trip that we began to see a theme arise in our adventures. The geysers at Yellowstone, The Lava fields, and then Crater Lake…volcanic activity was all... Read More »

Dee Wright Observatory

September 6th, We made our way from Boise, Idaho to Myrtle Creek, Oregon. We were instructed to stop in Victor Idaho previously and get some huckleberry shakes. To be... Read More »

The Grand Tetons & Yellowstone

Mandy had never been to the land of sulfur ponds, geysers, trees and mountains. John had been there a whole bunch of times, but it was when he was only... Read More »

The Linn Ranch

Our trip started out on September 3rd, 2012.  We drove to our way through the Wyoming landscape to Jackson Hole.  We got a tour of the Linn Ranch, took... Read More »