The Linn Ranch

Posted on September 11th

Our trip started out on September 3rd, 2012.  We drove to our way through the Wyoming landscape to Jackson Hole.  We got a tour of the Linn Ranch, took a dip in the pond and were off for an evening of so much drinking.  We had dinner at Teton Thai. Beers at Snake River. Whiskey at The Million Dollar Bar. Fancy night caps at The Rose. Then we woke up…with the worst hangovers of our lives thus far.

One of the perks of the Linn Ranch, is the unbelievably sweet hospitality and room service. We stayed in the Teepee suite, and fresh coffee and warm water to splash on our faces was delivered to our doorstep.

To cure our aching heads, Mary Pat filled our bellies with rye pancakes fresh syrup and many cups of coffee. Thanks a million, Mary Pat, Papa Ben, and Olaus! The Linns are the best. THE BEST.  //M&J

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