The Grand Tetons & Yellowstone

Posted on September 13th

Mandy had never been to the land of sulfur ponds, geysers, trees and mountains. John had been there a whole bunch of times, but it was when he was only a little guy. If this sounds like the premise of the worst buddy cop movie, you are correct.

That’s why we took Olaus along to play the Joe Pesci part if this was Lethal Weapon. The only difference is, we will never get too old for this shit, BECAUSE NATURE IS AMAZING.

We love America!

Mandy tells a bullshit fishing story.

Jenny Lake? More like Mandy Lake.

Olaus and John started a rap group called “Tha Tektonik Platez.”

Old Faithful

Old Faithful Inn. We could spend a winter there just being cozy.

It is Yellowstone. Which means ice cream. and John getting it all over himself.

We sang oompa-loompa songs to keep busy in geyser boardwalk.

We were rather lucky and ended up witnessing the rare eruption of the Lion Geyser.

Mandy got herself a radical souvenir of a coffee mug.

We wanted to see the sunset over Grand Prismatic, but we had to run from the parking lot up to the pools. It was our exercise for the day, and we got to see it just as it set!

Cool pools.

The pools spill over into the river, and create this pocket of steam from the dramatic temperature change.

Overall the day was beyond what we could have expected.  There was ice cream, volcanic activity, and crazy late-night teepee farkle to cap things off. It was beginner’s luck, Linn. Mark my words. //M&J  

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