Dee Wright Observatory

Posted on September 15th

September 6th, We made our way from Boise, Idaho to Myrtle Creek, Oregon. We were instructed to stop in Victor Idaho previously and get some huckleberry shakes. To be honest, those shakes were the best part of Idaho. Sorry, Idaho. You suck.

On to Oregon. We drove a large part of the state, which is mostly desert and onion farms.  As we curved around Bend and climbed the mountains in Sisters, we found ourselves on the Mckenzie Pass.

Turns out we were in for yet another volcanic activity treat!  The lava fields are in the Willamette National Forest in the Cascade Mountains.  Dee Wright built an observatory for the distant mountains using the volcanic rocks.  We were just following Google Maps directions and WHAM! Nature. It was a complete surprise.

Ehrmagerd herkleburry sherks.

We built this city on rocks. Just rocks.

From the observatory we could see all of the surrounding peaks. NATURE!

So thanks, to Google Maps for plotting the worst routes, and to Oregon, for being so crazy interesting to make up for the former. //M&J

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