Crater Lake

Posted on September 15th

It was on this day trip that we began to see a theme arise in our adventures. The geysers at Yellowstone, The Lava fields, and then Crater Lake…volcanic activity was all around us. It’s as if volcanic stuff is the tornado and Mandy and John are Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. The lake is actually a collapsed volcano, which is pretty radical. It also has some spectacularly blue water from rain and snowmelt accumulated over 800 years. That we promptly defiled with our hike-sweaty bodies.

I assure you that is not a green screen.

That is Wizard Island. Barbarians hate that place.

We hiked to one of the observation towers to get a better view.

Wizard Island, is home to magical events and unicorns, and a rare species of bird, we think. Maybe just magic missiles.

We then hiked to the bottom of the trail to dip our toes in the 800 year old water!

Then we decided that our toes were not enough, so we put our whole bodies in. 

All of our adventuring leaves the car hungry for gas, and leaves us hungry for ice cream. Lucky for us the tiny town of Idleyld had both.

That pint-o-ice cream in a waffle cone was 2 bucks. Seriously. we went back again just for more. We drive a lot these days, but Oregon is gorgeous all of the time. So we basically are in a state of scenic bliss most of the day. //M&J


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