Peach Preserves

Posted on October 3rd

Sam and Terry are both experienced canners, so we were thrilled to work with them in their yearly peach canning. We drove to Brosi Sugartree Orchard to pick our own peaches, which made the 70 lbs of peaches we bought more affordable. We are both still getting used to being able to pick fresh fruit and consume it at will, which is a rare treat for us Colorado folk.

Myrtle Creek is built around the lumber mill, which was a pretty huge operation

First you must boil the jars to heat them to avoid heat change cracking.

Then the peaches that have been boiled and peeled are set in citric acid to avoid discoloration. Then they are put into the jars and covered with a light simple syrup.

The lips are cleaned and lids and caps are screwed on. Enough “give” is left to allow for the pressure to suck the lid closed.

The jars are then boiled for the appropriate time for the size of the jars and altitude.

The jars are allowed to cool and are marked. Open and eat with pure pleasure and joy!

We also watched “The Hunger Games” as we canned. It was not nearly as good as “The Running Man.” //M&J

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