Silver Falls

Posted on October 7th

After working for a week at our new home, Wingspan Farms (huge post forthcoming), we had a day and a half off.  So we took to the car, took along our new friend and fellow WWOOFer Allison, and found ourselves an adventure!  

We had been told about Silver Falls trail.  It is known for being a hiking loop that allows for 7 to 10 waterfall visits, depending on the route.  We took the 7 mile loop and saw 7 falls in one fell swoop.  It was the perfect time of year, with crisp air, falling water, and yet another Civilian Conservation Corps-built forest visit.

“Your name isn’t on the list, pal.”

Pouring one out for literally all the homies. John: “I’m helping!” Mandy: “That’s the only water we brought on this hike.”

Blending in with surroundings. Like the Predator in a grey sweatshirt.

Look close, Allison and Mandy are in there.

“Stay alive! I will find you!” John could not straight face this line.


Then we each needed an epic portrait of ourselves connecting with the moment.


Rabbit Troop Forever.

We were the only ones left in that forest, and we were quite happy about it.

We found nature.

And so we return home. The sunsets over the valley are like this, like, ALL THE TIME. Fuck off, nature.


It was a great hike, and a very time-efficient way to see mind-blowing beauty. Also, it was on this hike that we developed an insatiable autumnal craving for the hardest of ciders. //M&J

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