The Coast

Posted on October 8th

Two out of three of our party had never seen the Pacific Ocean in person, so we set out westward with Allison in tow to be obnoxious, mouths-agog tourists. It was one of our most poorly-planned trips, but also one of the most fun, with detours to lighthouses, coffee shops, and cheese factories.


John: “It said there would be puffins. Where the fuck are my puffins.”

There was a magnificent tree called “The Octopus Tree” It has no central trunk, and the force that caused it is unknown. John looked around for a long time for the Hookshot, or at least a Dungeon Map, and found neither. Sad.


We then drove to Oceanside, which turns out, it the most delightful little place on the coast.  We got to play in the water, drink some tea and coffee and breathe the salty air.


John was farther west than he had ever been, but it was not far enough.

So he changed into his swim trunks, and dared the frigid salty water.

“That was the coldest thing I have ever done.”

Also, we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! 

It was actually rather creepy. It was mostly sad looking factory workers. and a lot of cheese. We did learn that dairy is so popular in the region because it is too wet to grow crops.


We have spent the end of summer traveling the national parks.  The start of autumn milking goats.  Watched the sunset while the sea kissed us with salty mist. Also, John prepared for the coming of winter like a bastard son of Winterfell by shrinking his balls in the gentle, frigid waters of the Pacific. As Ice Cube once said, “It was a good day.” //M&J

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