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Posted on October 16th

After many days of hard work, we decided it was time for some well deserved treats.  Wine. Horses. Beer. Games. John had an in at a horse-powered winery he had written an article about, and parlayed that into a winery tour. The people were great, the wine was fantastic, and we all got kinda schnockered.

We all react to a raunchy, filthy joke that owner and winemaker Lowell Ford, on the right, just told us. Just kidding. He was just a super nice guy.

Not only did we get to meet the wine workers, but we also got to listen to some great vinyl records

Bethany shows us the “Santa Maria,” one of their wine vessels. Get it? Also, Bethany graduated with an art degree, proving that our wine drinking and picture drawing can eventually be put to productive use.

Outdoor wine tasting

The theme this year is Amish. MJ and Red seemed to just know this, and dressed accordingly…by accident.

“Fine, I will touch the horse. Yes, it’s magical.”


Since we had made the drive all the way to Illahe, it turned out that Chatoe Rogue was “just over the next hill.” So over the hill we went.


Rabbit Troop does not care for smiling.

Allison shown pointing at the “Rebel Hops” section of the farm, but only because there was no “Ginger Hops” section to make this photo really funny.

Hop Vines

Down the hatch! As if we didn’t just come from a winery.

“That is not how you spell ‘pumpkin,’ Rogue Brewing.” said the Sad Grammar Scarecrow.


After our beer flights, we played a few rounds of cornhole.


Despite her apparent pose of victory, Allison was UTTERLY DESTROYED at cornhole by John. Keep dreaming, Brown.

Cornhole. An elegant lawn game for a more civilized age. Cornhole.

In short, if you think it seems like a good idea to visit an estate winery or an estate hop vineyard and brewery, let us validate your thinking. Yes. It is a super good idea, friend.

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