Wildlife Safari

Posted on October 16th

Holy crap, we totally for got about this one. How could we? One morning on the Noonkester Farm, Sam offered to take us to a zoo if we helped run some errands with him up in Roseburg. Except it wasn’t a zoo, it was a massive drive-through park with free-roaming wild animals. Kind of like Jurassic Park, but with only slightly less impressive animals, and way less Laura Dern. Thank God.


Flamingos for Mandy’s Mama Bear NLJ, because they are her favorite animal!

Llama Face

Snake Skin

“Hey Bird! You look dumb!” [Coffee Slurp] Tourism.

So this is a “maned wolf” and it is the weirdest, coolest, gangliest mammal that neither of us had ever heard of.

Seriously, they look like something you would fight in Final Fantasy X.


And then we got to drive through the safari portion of the park!


Just a giraffe running wild in Oregon’s vast savannah, no big deal.

There was a whole herd of buffalo that we had to drive through.

The bears were awake, which apparently is rare. They did seem a bit in need of a nap though.

It was strange to be on the evergreen-lined highways of Oregon and then suddenly be transported to the African plains. We had a great, kind of surreal time on this super cool little trip that was totally unplanned. So thanks again to Sam Noonkester for being our very own John Hammond at the Wildlife Safari in the sleepy town of Winston.


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