Wingspan Family Farms

Posted on November 4th

After our time in south Oregon, we drove north to the Willamette valley.  We stayed on a farm near McMinnville. It was an earlier wake-up hour than what we had been living, but the 4am rooster helped remind us that the animals were hungry, and that we were the ones to fix that.  No matter the groggy state, once looking outside the door, we were simply happy to be apart of the mystical trance the entire valley seemed to be in.

Every morning. Every fucking morning it looked like this. Fuck you, valley. You think you’re better than the rest of us? You’re not.

This dog is called Burma, but we also called her Hodor. If you don’t get that reference, you know nothing.


6:30 was chore time.  Get up, Let the chickens out, milk the goats, let them out, get eggs, then breakfast.  It is an art, the milking of animals, but with enough experience, it becomes an exciting activity, with much reward.


“You’re about a quart low. Air filter still looks good, though.”

“Don’t mind me, ma’am.”

Fellow WWOOFer Allison, who knows and performs about 5 West European accents. Allison also knows about 1 good accent, the “Jane Austen.” Keep practicing, slugger.

After breakfast, we then had our greeting with Penguino, who seemed to always be in our shadows. For seeming to be in so many places at once, he was a surprisingly plump feline.


Along with our farm life, we ere incorporated into the exciting lives of our host family!  We attended thrilling soccer games, ate ice cream  watched youtube videos and shared meals together.


Gaze into the dark abyss of That Which Is Up To No Good. Toli on the left, Uki on the right. Two handfuls of energy.

WWOOFer Protip: Always have a few funny youtube videos to share for ice-breaking. Here our hosts discover K-Pop sensation Gangnam Style. Instant friendship forged.



When the WWOOFers were left to feed ourselves, we resorted to pizza. But not just any pizza; fancy farm pizza!


Ah, Denim. Finest in dinner-dress.

The musically inclined even got together to learn a song!


The Tindall family, who lived on the farm, gave us an educational and very respectful introduction to the process of chicken butchering.  The family has a business in farm and poultry:


“Thar be chickens. Right thar.”


One of the planned projects was a yurt deck.  John and Allison dug some serious holes, posts here cemented, and then we started the construction of a deck.  After a weekend we had a foundation, stairs, the start of a railing and part of the deck floor!



It was a two week stay at the farm, we had many exciting adventures, met the local families, and then had a large dinner all together, chili, chicken, corn and ice cream included!



Mandy was rather insistent on the need to take “this years christmas card” photos….with the goats.



Our experience at the farm had been truly remarkable.  We were introduced to the small community/family farm.  It was a place built, sustained and kept by those who made it.  Every day the garden, barn, field, and kitchen became a place to soak up a bit of information and knowledge.  We were grateful to be given the chance to practice untrained skills such as tree pruning, yogurt/cheese making, harvesting, and more.  We were so happy with our host family and their enriching hospitality. Wingspan, you are forever in our memories. Excelsior.




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