Cascadia Chestnuts

Posted on November 30th

Our third farm landed us just outside Portland, OR, at a chestnut farm. Andee and Chris, our most kind and enjoyable hosts, had chestnut trees, apple trees, pear trees, chickens and a garden.  Our lovely home became this wonderful Mandy-sized-everything trailer.  

Tiny. Functional. Modern.

We helped weed the garden, stack firewood, and of course, pick chestnuts.

Some derpy kid who worked here before us actually fucked up stacking wood. We fixed it. And I thought ours was the generation of Tetris and Jenga.

Each morning, we work up and the looked outside the window.  Most days, it was dark, foggy and strange, but a cup of coffee and a fresh basket for fallen chestnuts was enough to convince us to get out and search the acres.  We checked the trees three times a day.  Evening was magic, out in the silent acres, simply enjoying an autumn of bliss and relaxation.  

Chestnuts form in these green spiky burrs. They fall to the ground and open when they are matured, ready to be cleaned and cured for a week.

Alien Nightmare Pods. No, wait, chestnuts.

Mandys in the Mist.

Your nuts are in good hands.

You can trust him with your nuts.

Ollie was our chestnut companion, seriously the sweetest dog.

In the middle of one of the large chestnut days, so many chestnuts.

Between our chestnut picks, we cooked, ate, played games and drank some beers!

Fancy fish-n-chips!

Due to a left-behind-gamebag, we got a cheap cribbage set, and finally learned to play!

It also happened to be Mandy’s birthday while on the trip!

Birthday Cards!

Then we went to breakfast at the “Tin Shed” in Portland, it was a very fabulous meal and a lovely time.

Hot sauce.

Then Mandy picked some chestnuts before making birthday dinner. In her pajamas, because it was her birthday, and she was allowed to.


After dinner, we went downtown and met up with Kay and went to some bars, had beers and laughed a good solid amount!   Later that week, Kay even come on up to the farm, helped pick some chestnuts, and drank some tea.

Kiss the egg.

Chestnuts are beautiful.  We both got a case of chestnut fever, and become a bit in love with the amazing little creatures. Our two week stay at the farm was lovely, we had some wonderful moments with Andee and Chris.  They gave us an in depth education about chestnuts, and we walked away with a true love for them.  We enjoyed every adventure at the farm, and are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a rare treasure.  //M&J

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