Corn Maze

Posted on November 4th

The farm we had lined up after Wingspan was a Chestnut farm on the northwest edge of the city of Portland.  We worked there for two weeks (blog post soon to follow) and found that we were still looking to explore the city a bit longer.  We were kindly given a place to stay by the Ouchidas.  So Milwaukee, Oregon, just southeast of Portland was our new home for a week.

 We pretty much just hung out with the teenage daughters of the house, watched netflix, and played video games with our friends, Kay and Megan.  With the autumn feeling sinking into each of us, we felt the need to play in a corn maze, drink warm cider, and eat victory pizza.

The beautiful highways of Portland.

In return for a place to stay, we helped cut up some firewood. John wears loafers for safety. “Chopping… It’s what I am. It’s what I do now.”

Kay looking icelandic, but with a Grinch smile. This is often the last thing her prey sees.

We drove to Boring, Oregon. It was not as boring as some of the other places we have been.

This is the apple thrower. We figured out how to win. you use two people to get enough power to hit the target in the field. If you hit it, you win a free pizza and a pumpkin. “Teamwork Doesn’t Seem Work.”

Here, John tries to launch Mandy. Bigger payload, better chance at success. His logic is infallible.

Megan and Kay were able to aim, pull and shoot just right, and won!

Go Team Accuracy




Team Accuracy draws corn stalks to see who will be eaten first in a survival situation. John lost. “Joke’s on you, suckers. I’m super gamey.”

Radical chickens

“Fine, I’ll be a horse. Yes, it’s magical.”

“Room of Doors,” our Doors tribute band. None of us know any Doors songs, so we became a Cyndi Lauper cover band called “Girls Just Wanna Be Done With This Fucking Corn Maze.”

Corn King will accept your sacrifice.

I found Colorado!

Some pumpkins have antlers.

So much corn. John looked for Ray Liotta. He did not find Ray Liotta.

We then went and got our free victory pizza. At a golf clubhouse. It was strange.

Mt. Hood. This is a photo of the iphone, that took a photo of a photo taken with a camera. Superzoomception.

Along with festive fall adventures, we had a chili and game night with the whole family, and played board games… and made memories.


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