Goat Hike

Posted on December 11th

After leaving the Chestnut farm, we were faced with the decision to go home, or find a new place to stay.  We were kindly taken in by some friends (THANK YOU OUCHIDAS!)  in Portland for a few days until we lucked upon Grannys Farm outside Raymond, Washington.  We found this to be our home away from home, and we learned more than we could have ever asked for.  Stay tuned for the adventures from this farm.

When we were not falling trees, cooking, gardening, or petting the cats, we would often go for a hike.  With the goats. Because we love them. and would let them eat at the dinner table with us if we could.  Lucky for us, the farm acres include two peaks…next to each other…TWIN PEAKS.

Sheba, Lulu and Jadiss.

The farm has its own natural spring that Larry has utilized for making part of the energy hydro-generated.

Sometimes Sheba is a real jerk and would ram us while walking with Larry, so we both did our best attempts to be just as much of a jerk back to her.

Jadiss…is the most pathetic goat. But we love her… not as much… but still, we love her a little.

Sheba was always behind Larry. Hiking order seemed to decide on the level of power. So naturally, we were all behind her.



Hilltop Climbers.

Deer markings.

Bad ass mother ducker.

The top of the first peak! Snack break.

The twin peak mountain climbers.


There is a 400 year old maple tree on the mountain as well.


Everything the light touches, Simba.

Mandy decided it was the nap-tree. It is perhaps the only place on this earth that she can actually relax enough to take a nap.

The phone lines mark the property lines. It is like having gentle giants as neighbors.


On another day we took a short walk to the lower pasture to check the fences, blackberry bushes, and trees.


Sandy, feeling so grand in her ankle supportive hiking shoes.

The donkeys, who are shy of us, but somehow keep the entire flock of sheep, chickens, and goats safe from any predator.

Mandy and Molly.

Molly the Sheep really likes people. especially John, who took this picture, because she and him were just that close.

The lush, thick autumn leaves. This is also where The goats gave Mandy a real hard time one afternoon. Turns out they have a totally secret passage that they tricked her with.

Machete Man.


The winter rain was slowly taking over the days, but when there a clear afternoon, we would adventure out to the neighboring lands.  Just up the road and over the next hill, there was one of the many northwest clear-cuts.


The leave tree. The valley. The clear cut.

On our way back, we decided to make our own path… so we cut down this tree that was in our way. (not really) But, John did machete some limbs off for fun.

We also found a number of beaver dams, and they were magnificent.

Dam Beavers.

Dam it.



Adventures on the farm. With Goats. //M&J

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