Kubb Set Builders

Posted on December 14th

With the rainy days beginning to take over, we were forced to find indoor activities and projects to keep busy with.  We decided to make a few Kubb sets. With Washington being the “Evergreen State” and all, we knew there would be no shortage of material.

Step one, cut wood to the desired dimensions.

Next, clean the edges with a hand plane. (Do not cut off any fingers, if possible.)

Larry watches city boy around sharp things.

Then, let King (Sandy’ s pet name for Larry) make the king kubb piece. (He is such a bad-ass that he does not even have to watch what he is doing. He just knows.)

After that, take a coffee break.

Finally, seal the pieces with a turpentine and linseed oil mixture.

Now, you would not want to look like a fool trying to carry a bunch of loose wooden sticks around, so go ahead and build a carrying box. Out of more sticks.

All ready for a game of good ol’fashioned Kubben Blokken.  Just wait for the rain to stop for a bit, grab a beer, and throw them sticks!


We loved the set so much, that we decided to make a second one, but this time…it would be the most handsome kubb set known to mankind: Kubb Set Au Naturale.

So start, one must go collect the wood by cutting up some trees.

Then we removed the bark. using an ax at first, but then the draw-knife proved to be most useful.

The sharp edges were rounded with a router, then filed and sanded.

The pieces are then sealed with the turpentine and linseed oil mixture.

After the wood, and sky, are dry, it is kubb time!

Later on we made a all-natural wood carrying case for this set as well. the wood was all still relatively fresh, so the set came in at a hefty 50 something pounds. somehow, we fit it into our car for the journey home. where it is played frequently in the front yard in the mountains!



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