Harvest Time

Posted on February 18th

harvesttopThe best part about the time of year that we embarked on this adventure was that we found ourselves enjoying the glory of the best time of year. Harvest time.

The day we arrived was a day of joy and a lifelong desire of John: Apple Cider Pressing!

Sandy doing some excellent apple mashing.

Larry demonstrating responsible apple mashing.

Elixir of the Gods of the Farm.

John is off camera crying tears of joy. 40% because apple pressing, 60% because drunk on apple fucking cider.

Yes, Matt Damon. I like dem apples.

The scratter/presser combo.

Beyond pressing apples, we also learned how to wrap and store the apples to last the winter.

Step one: Climb the huge apple tree and toss them suckers down! Can spot find the Mandy?

Can you spot the Mandy?

Larry, who looks exactly like Moonlight Graham from Field of Dreams, is unsurprisingly a good apple catcher.

Step two: Collect large maple leaves. Fling into air because no fucks #yolo.

Step three: Wash and dry apples.

Step four: Swaddle them up like lil’ babies. That you are going to eat in like a month.

Step five: Pack and store in the barn for the winter.

The veggies grown on the farm were ENORMOUS.

Massive cabbage head.

Can’t beet that! (hahahaaaaa….farm jokes.)

The potatoes were harvested, which is much like digging for treasure.

The potatoes were harvested, which is much like digging for treasure.

Fruit and veggies are not the only harvest time crop.  In order to have nutrition for the winter, livestock are butchered and the meat is frozen.  Farm animals that are raised for this are treated to a good life and are put to rest with kindness and thanks.  Without these animals, the winters would be very difficult to endure.  For us, it was a true learning experience and we are both truly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn how to butcher.


Oink Oink.

John prepares to trim his gross beard.

Cleaning the pig skin for lard.

This is real bacon.


Mandy, the de-boner meat master

Day three of meat processing. Mandy was thrilled, but John was still being all vegetarian about it.

Beyond the two pigs, we also processed a lamb.

It was also Halloween that day, so John dressed up as a crazy person.

Goofy smiles can still be pretty metal.

Meat masters.

Just about the most amazing cut of meat in the world. The Lamb Chop.

Harvest time also brought many outstanding meals, with a stash of potatoes, veggies, meat and fruit, we were livin’ good! //M&J


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