Who are Mandy and John?
And why are they gone?

Mandy and John come from Colorado. They love Colorado, but it was getting stale. They discovered WWOOFing and decided to quit their jobs, trade their swords in for ploughshares, pack up the car and seek out “the good life” on farms in the Pacific Northwest. You know, one of those find-yourself-in-your-twenties type things.

While they will eventually settle down (Portland seems cool), they are using their hands, learning new things, and meeting new people in the meantime. This website is a way for us to share our trip apart from a few photos in a Facebook Album titled “Oregon 2012.”

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Mandy graduated from Colorado State University with a BFA in Fine Art. Mandy’s art focuses on nature, food, and animals, mainly via printmaking and watercolor. Because of her family’s bead store, she does quite a bit of jewelrymaking as well. She likes old country music, taxidermy, yoga, national forests, and beets. Her favorite beer is Goose Island’s Sofie, but that depends on the weather. She believes that sustainable is living important, and the family garden is a lost art that should be rediscovered.
John graduated from Colorado State twice, with degrees in Political Science and Graphic Design. He likes to chop wood as much as he likes to design the graphics (which is a lot). He also enjoys motown music, coffee, old noir novels, working out like crazy, but also not working out and playing League of Legends instead. John likes the Helen & Scott Nearing-esque back-to-the-land experience of farming in a high-brow capacity, and the awesome Ron Swanson man-mode shit he gets to do in a low-brow capacity. His favorite beer is Great Divide’s Colette.